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Use this code for whatever

<!- ady@demos.su, Saturday, January 20, 1996 7:23:31 PM->
<!- Demos WWW cover page ->
<TITLE>Welcome to Demos Company - Moscow, Russia</TITLE>
<!- yet another scroller.
(C) 1996 Dmitry Altukhov, ady@demos.su ->
Use this code for whatever purposes... provided that you retain the copyright notice.
I accept no responsibility for any disasters caused by this monster.
Cannot guess any other cool places for scrollers. And MSIE marquee emulation in JS?!
Er... Mozilla clears windows too slow in JS...
<!- roll it
var rate, pos=0;
function roll(){
var loop, top, msg1;
var msg="Hello World";
for(var i=0; i<10; i++){
msg = msg + (" Hello World");
//move on, make a scrolly... and who said that
//scrollers suck?! ;-)
for(loop=0; loop<top; loop++) msg+=""+msg;
msg1=msg.substring (pos, pos+130);
if (pos++ == 130) pos=0;
//come on, the poor thing can"t roll any faster... buy a Ferrari. ;-)
// that"s all folks ;-)
// end ->
<BODY BACKGROUND="back.gif" BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000040" LINK="#000080"
VLINK="#400080" ALINK="#FF0000" onLoad="roll()">

<!- Author: Pavel Khramtsov
Date: February 25, 1996 ->
<TITLE>Text Block Scrolling</TITLE>
var line_beak = "\n"; var screen = ""
screen+= "Будем прокручивать"
screen += "Данный фрагмент текста"
screen += "В поле типа"
screen += "TEXTAREA"
screen += "Формы term"
for(i=0;i<6;i++) screen += " "
var i=0; var j=40; flag = 0
function scroll(){
if( flag== 0){
display_str = ""
display_str += screen.substring(i,j)
i+=40; j=i+40; if(i>400) i = 0
window.document.term.work_field.value = display_str; i += 40; if(i>400) i =0
id = setTimeout("scroll()",1000); return true
function change_button(){
flag = 1; return true
if(flag == 1){
flag = 0; return false
<BODY onLoad="scroll()">
<H1>Text Block Scrolling.</H1>
<FORM NAME=term>
<INPUT NAME=alarm VALUE="Start/Stop" TYPE=button onClick="change_button()">

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